Whiteread is a sustainable and independent fashion label founded by Mitz and Izabella. With a shared vision to express their own aesthetic and philosophy. The collection is made of vintage, recycled and deadstock fabrics with sustainably sourced new materials. It is handmade in England and Scotland by a small team, with the utmost care and consideration to make each piece unique.

This collection drew inspiration from a book of Lucita Hurtado work. Hurtado explored the boundaries where the self meets the world, proposing a radical view of the human form as a frame or a landscape. This spoke to Izabella as her life is entirely entwined in the landscape of the land she lives on. I wanted each piece to create a new landscape on the wearers body. Unexpected perspectives, an integral part of Hurtado’s vision which was looking down or across her own body, or straight up to glimpse the sky – offer a view of the world that is both grounded and transcendental.

Our drive to be sustainable has led us down this path of giving new life to these beautiful French linen sheets. Each piece will be completely unique, no two sheets have lived the same life. The details from the previous generation have been preserved, all the hand work and intricate detailing from original pieces has been incorporated into each piece. As the pieces age, the customers are invited to return them to be dyed black and given another encore. If we find a hole we do not cut around it we incorporate it into the piece, mend it and enrich the whole collection with it.

Winter Lookbook ‘22
Spring/Summer Lookbook ‘23
Autumn/Winter Lookbook ‘23
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